• Having done the domain name registration easily, and finding the perfect host is a dream come true for any website owner.  Though there are many websites that offer the opportunity to register domain name free of cost, people prefer to buy a domain name. This is the best option because usually, the domain name offered by free sites are difficult to pronounce or have a catch in their spellings. The proper sites offer many domain name examples to choose from so that you can find the right fit.
  • When a host for the website is being chosen, one the thing that is primarily the major concern of website owners is the up time and the down time. Website owners want 99.9% uptime for their websites so that they can always be present for their customers. When the website has down time, then it can only be translated into a loss of customers.
  • If your current server has a down time and you have finally found the perfect server with no down time at all, all you need to do is to shift to the other server. Many people believe that there are many technical aspects of the server shifting and hence it will be very to manage. Shifting from one server to the other is not a difficult task, the only trick that has to be observed is to shift without further elongating the current down time of the website.
  • There are many reasons as to why the down time of website should be avoided. Seeing the website absent for a long time can create a confusion in the minds of the customers, and they might feel that you are not live anymore. Similarly, customers visiting your website and finding your website’s server down might look for alternatives. The longer the down time, the higher the hours of absence and thus greater the loss of incoming customers.

Once you have found a WordPress friendly platform, all you need to do is to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • You need to export a copy of your website to the new platform. You can easily do it through a duplicator.
  • Now you need to upload the copied website to the new host’s platform using a File Transfer Protocol.
  • You will need to modify the host files to map it onto your website.
  • Using the duplicator’s installer complete the process of file migration.
  • Now you just need to update your domain’s name servers about the change of hosts.