How to Redesign Your Website | Blogging, Small Business, Web Design & Hosting Tips

An online website is quite important to a business. It is usually the first perspective the individuals see when they want to see your services. However the web keeps changing from time to time and therefore it is important to keep your website up to date. Many businesses modify the design of their website as they want it to be optimized for a mobile. There are a few things one must keep in mind when redesigning a website.

  1. Assess your goals

Before you think of redesigning a website you must make sure to completely assess your website and see if it is meeting your needs. Various web host providers can give your website a good platform and can assist with optimizing it. Once you have assessed the web hosting services note down your goals. Moreover write down what you want for your new website and divide it into the categories of function and design.

  1. Decide how

Many companies have certain teams that are meant to work towards web design and development. They have various people who work towards making the website look good and stay up to date. Smaller businesses on the other hand do not have this luxury. Some of the smaller organizations have a web developer as part of their staff team, whereas others hire web developers from the outside to take care of their website.

  1. Do a content audit

Check what content is visible on your site presently, and see what you need to change, what you need to keep on the website and see what new content is needed. The content of your website is directly related to a positive SEO; it can assist customers and brand recognition. During an audit, assess what stays on your site and what goes. The most convenient way to do this is through a spreadsheet.

  1. Draft a new site map

Once you have completed with the content audit, draft a site map. A site map includes all the pages that are on your website. Site maps can be shown in the form of lists or categories. It shows how your website will look once it is redesigned and includes all the content of your website.

  1. Decide who the website is for

Assessing who exactly the website is for will help with the images, and functions of your site. Knowing your audience is important before you redesign your website. At this point try to figure out where most of your audience comes from.